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Mr. Robert Flowers

Acquisitions Manager

About Robert Flowers

Robert Flowers who was born in Detroit Mi. grew up in Memphis Tn. Over 15 years of Real Estate Investing and management experience. He discovered his business skills at a young age of 15, when his father gave him 20 dollars to cut the yard. After noticing a neighbor with a lawn mower, Robert had him to cut the lawn for 5 dollars and put 15 in his own pocket.. Attending River-view Elementary school where his mother worked as a school teacher. Attending and graduating from high school at Memphis Catholic High. Robert went on and studied computer applications and operations at State Technical Institute in 1977. He also took a business law course at Christian Brothers University. His Real Estate training was sparked by his mentor Bright Bess who is now passed away, teaching him the art of purchasing property with little or no money. In 1991 Robert founded Flowers and Associates property rentals where he managed personal real estate left by his father as well as other real estate owned by close friends.

He furthered his education in Real Estate utilizing specialized training through the Rich Dad Poor Dad Program along with personal development audio and visuals. While building his business, Robert continued to develop his skills in technology utilizing software applications to create video for social media presence giving him the ability to reach other real estate investors whom later became Joint Venture partners. After developing relationships with local and out of state investors, Robert created a sister company (Memphis Discounted Properties) to help facilitate the purchase and sale of single family homes. Later seeing a need for sheltering the homeless, he forged and partnered with non-profit organizations to house disabled vets, battered females and others that were in need of housing. He was later honored by Memphis Areal Legal services with a certificate of achievements for his efforts with housing disabled vets. Robert is currently consulting others on improving revenue and cash flow streams through the use of Shared Independent Living with the help of Non-Profit Organizations, with a specific focus on special needs. With specially trained team members he is able to locate, rehab and forge relationships with non-profit organizations to turn deeply discounted properties into cash flowing machines for potential investors.

A record of practitioner and research excellence.His goals include helping guide you in developing an organization committed to excellence and building future organizational leaders. Out-front leader in advising organizations on how to scale, create long-term value, and effectively employ information systems. If you think I can help you in these areas, feel free to contact me. See Seven Step Strategy Plan

Contact Information: Email:Memphisdiscountedproperties@gmail.com

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