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Action Plan To Success!

Seven Step Action Plan

High Cash On Cash Returns

Make the best of your rentals by Guaranteeing your rental income through Non-Profit Organizations. Our 7 Step Program will move you towards financial freedom without having to deal with problem tenants, non payment of rents, and other issues associated with standard renting. These properties are specifically hand picked to best fit our clients needs. As a Real Estate Investor, you will benefit from the great cash flow each property produces...

Property EvaluationWalk Through with Contractors to determine most cost effective Rehab
Property RehabRehabbing Property According to Specifications
Video And ReportsVideo Entire Rehab Process For Investor To View. Reporting progress through email communications
Property CleanupDetail Cleaning of Property After Completed Repairs
Property SetupInstalling Furniture, Room Design and Accents
Security FeaturesAutomatic door locks and security cameras that you can view and controlled through your Smart Phone
Tenant Insertion Installing Recommended Tenants From Non-Profits Organizations

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